Hire AuditLink

AuditLinkThe exam process is constantly changing and in these uncertain economic times it would seem that the focus of your next exam is changing by the minute.

The Audit link team has been assisting and training credit unions for not only preparing for exams but managing the exam and responding to the recommendations left behind. Exams do not need to be a guessing game on what new areas will be evaluated. Jim Vilker and his team keep the pulse on the latest examiner findings and hot buttons and can analyze your credit union prior to the exam and make sure you are ready and confident for the experience.

Planning for the exam with your team is vital to controlling the experience and making sure that the examiner findings are communicated at the time they are found and discussed with the appropriate management staff. Establishing a good set of protocols for interaction with the examiner will also help maintain a level of control that builds the confidence in your team when answering questions presented by regulatory personnel.

Finally, what is vital to the process is reviewing, managing, and responding to examiner recommendations. This is where our team can provide you with valuable insight to keeping your credit union from getting buried in repeat findings.

Contact AuditLink and find out how he help you through your next exam or work on existing recommendations.